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Singapore based housecall vet service

Singapore based housecall vet service

Vetpal is a Singapore based housecall vet service treating cats, dogs, rabbits and other domestic animals. We bring the clinic to your home!

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If you have any queries, you may contact our housecall vets through WhatsApp or give us a call.

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A better vet experience. From busy owners to anxious pets, everyone can benefit from Vetpal’s range of housecall vet services.

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Accessible health records

For the first time in Singapore, view your pet’s medical history with us on the go, because we believe that helping you stay informed makes you a better pet owner.

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Pets stay comfortable at home

Staying home means no transportation stress and clinic anxiety. Behaving naturally also allows for a more accurate assessment.

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No Queuing, No Travelling

Book an appointment that suits you and our vet will show up at your doorstep. We do the legwork so you don’t have to, especially if you have pets with mobility issues.

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Multiple Pets? No problem

Whether you have 1 pet or 20, Vetpal can accommodate them all. So don’t worry about multiple trips to the clinic or filling up the car with all of your pets anymore.

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Designed for convenience. Every aspect of Vetpal’s housecall vet service has been designed to make life easier for you.

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Crafted for comfort. You will notice how much more relaxed your pet is receiving veterinary care in the comfort of your home.

See What Your Neighbours Are Saying

See what your neighbours are saying. So many clients have benefited from Vetpal’s services. Experience a housecall vet consultation for yourself today!

vetpal housecall vet - testimonials - sam

Apart from being a very brilliant, skillful and professional Veterinary Surgeon, Dr Chua’s responsiveness and “after-consult” care is amazing! Our cats are very lucky to be under her care.

Samantha Boo & Rachel Forday, with their cats Kimi & Kenzo
vetpal housecall vet - testimonials - candy

Vetpal offers such a convenient service especially for working professionals like myself, at a price point that is more than reasonable.

Candy Lee, & Blackjack
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My cats have been seeing Dr Chua for many years! We trust her frank opinion and assessment of treatment options with regards to the care of our cats.

Elizabeth Toh
vetpal housecall vet - testimonials - frenchies

Housecall for my boys is the most stress-free and comfortable veterinary experience and it’s also super convenient for pawrents! I strongly recommend it to all the pawrents~

Vivian Fang
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VetPal provides holistic medical treatment and care for pets in the comfort of their owner’s homes.

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When I learnt that there was such a thing called “housecall veterinary services”, I was ecstatic.

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Experience Matters. Each of our housecall vets has over 10 years of experience so your pet receives the highest quality care, every time.

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Dr Camellia Leong

Bachelor of Veterinary Science
University of Sydney


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