Dr Camellia Leong

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Bachelor of Veterinary Science
University of Sydney


Cam has worked in various small animal practices in both Singapore and Australia including Mount Pleasant (Whitley), The Animal Clinic and the RSPCA (Sydney). Working in both private practice and shelters has given her an interesting insight on how to approach problems with varying levels of resources. She enjoys being a GP vet as that allows her to be involved in all stages of a pet’s life, and utilise her medical, surgical and dentistry skills.


The desire to provide clients and their pets a personalised service to increase the awareness and level of preventative healthcare in the comfort of their own homes.

Fun Fact

I spend my free time with family and friends, doing volunteer work with elderly (humans), and indulging in my favourite pastime of travelling and hiking in the great outdoors. Sometimes you might find me in the kitchen testing out different recipes for both sweet and savoury goods, and looking for guinea pigs to be taste testers!