How It Works

How It Works

Whether you have a busy work schedule, multiple pets, pets that are easily stressed at the clinic, or pets that have mobility and transport issues, everyone can benefit from Vetpal’s range of housecall vet services.

Find out how easy and convenient veterinary care is with us below!

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Before the visit

Schedule an appointment and our housecall vets will contact you to find out more about your pet’s needs. You’ll also receive a confirmation message with your appointment details via email and SMS.

During the visit

Ask and learn as the veterinary consultation takes place in the comfort of your own home.

Medication and prescription diets, if required, will either be prescribed during the house visit, or delivered to you.

Samples needed for diagnostic tests will be taken and brought back to our lab. We’ll call you with the results and further discuss your pet’s treatment plan.

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After the visit

Vetpal ensures you stay informed. We want you to understand everything during the appointment and after. A summary of your pet’s consultation, along with any certifications, will be emailed to you.

View our vets’ treatment plan and recommendation to provide better care for your pet. (Client online portal coming soon!)

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Alternatively, if you have any queries you may contact us through WhatsApp or give us a call.

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