Pricing and Services

vetpal housecall vet service - home consultation

Pricing and Services

Convenience doesn’t have to come at a high-cost. We take pride in being able to deliver comprehensive veterinary care in your home at a fair price point.

A non-exhaustive list of our common housecall vet services are listed below.

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Price List


  • First Pet $99
  • Additional Pet $60

Core vaccination

  • First Pet $90
  • Additional Pet $40

Lowest price combination for “additional pet”

When an appointment involves treating multiple pets, we take the lowest price combination. For example,

1 Consultation + 1 Vaccination (2pets)$99 + 40

2 Consultations + 1 Vaccination (3pets)$99 + 60 + 40

1 Consultation + 2 Vaccinations (3pets)$99 + 40 + 40

Diagnostic tests

  • Blood test (Haematology)
    $65 + consultation fee

  • Blood test (Biochemistry)
    From $90 + consultation fee

  • Skin test
    From $12 + consultation fee

Chronic disease & pain management

  • Subcutaneous Fluid
    Administration only Housecall


  • Cartrophen only Housecall
    from $65 based on size

End of life services*

  • Euthanasia (Cat)
  • Euthanasia (Dog)
    $220 to $340 based on size
  • Cremation fees charged separately by cremator.

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We offer a large range of products and housecall vet services, from nail clipping to prescription medications. Drop us a message on WhatsApp and we will be happy to assist!


We also have Annual Care Plans that take care of all your pet’s essential healthcare needs! These plans are specially curated to maximize convenience, comfort and value.