Pricing and Services

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Pricing and Services

Convenience doesn’t have to come at a high-cost. We take pride in being able to deliver comprehensive veterinary care in your home at a fair price point.

A non-exhaustive list of our common housecall vet services are listed below.

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Price List


  • Additional Pet $60

Diagnostic tests

  • Blood test (Haematology)
    $70 + consultation fee

  • Blood test (Biochemistry)
    From $95 + consultation fee

  • Skin test
    From $15 + consultation fee

Core Vaccination

  • Dogs (9-in-1) or Cats (4-in-1)

    from $50

End of life services*

  • Euthanasia (Cat)

  • Euthanasia (Dog)
    $300 to $400 based on size
  • Cremation fees charged separately by cremator.

Nursing Services Available

Our qualified veterinary nurses are able to offer the following housecall services

Subcutaneous Fluid Administration

Administration of subcutaneous fluid therapy (fluids under the skin) for chronic kidney disease or other diseases requiring additional fluid support can now be done at home.

Cartrophen Injection and Administration

Chronic pain management done through administration of monthly injections (such as cartrophen injections for arthritis) can be managed at home by our vet nurse especially if your dog or cat is immobilized or has difficulties going to the veterinary clinic.

Wound Management / Bandaging

Pets who need short-term to long term wound management due to an injury and additional help are needed to assist in wound cleaning or even bandaging. This is especially for pets who can’t travel or have difficulties traveling. 

Post-Operative Care

Patients who require additional care after surgery but prefer to have it managed at home. Includes administration of medication, wound management and monitoring of vital signs while liaising with primary veterinarian

Syringe Feeding

Syringe feeding may be necessary when your pet has serious dental health problems, a broken jaw, is recuperating from surgery and is too weak to eat on its own. In-home syringe feeding is offered to all pets of different sizes.

Anal Gland Expression

Clears your dogs’ or cats’ anal glands as full or impacted anal glands can cause discomfort. Signs of discomfort include dogs scooting their rear on the ground, licking their anal area or chasing their tails. Cats will often lick the fur off just under their tails.

Nail Clipping

This is our most popular service, especially for pets with in-grown nails. Older cats and dogs, or sedentary pets, may require nail trims every six – eight weeks. Regular visits can be scheduled, or we can show the client how to trim their pet’s nails themselves.

Ear Cleaning

Ear cleaning can be a difficult task to do if your pet isn’t cooperative. It prevents discomfort from excessive ear dirt build up but you may not always get the help you need.

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